Liane Bauer

Liane has qualified in 2004 after completing her studies in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at Beuth University in Berlin. She has lived and practiced in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Germany. In 2006 she relocated to Scotland and has lived and practiced here since.

In 2010 she co-founded UrbanPioneers with Marion with the intention to create landscape architecture practice that focuses on the well-being: The well-being of its members, people, communities, nature, and the planet. This is approach is reflected in the project we deliver.

Liane is on the board of Play Scotland, an organisation that works to make children’s and young people’s right to free, unstructured play a reality.

She is also a co-director and co-producer of the Architecture Fringe. The Architecture Fringe provides a platform, which works to pluralise the culture of architecture in Scotland. It initiates and produces new cultural work through in-house production and external commissioning and supports the creation of new work and emerging practice.

Liane also mentors and supervises a new generation of landscape architects on their way to get registered as chartered member of the Landscape Institute, the professional body for Landscape Architects in the UK.

Liane has 19 years of professional experience and has delivered projects of all scales from inception to implementation. She is a strong conceptual designer with excellent technical knowledge. Her focus is on socially inclusive design.

Marion Preez

Marion has been working as a Landscape Architect for 16 years, living, working and studying in Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. For the last 16 years she had been based in Scotland. She has been undertaken artist residencies in Denmark as well as Scotland. Through her MFA Marion developed her own art practice allowing her to bring varied approaches and viewpoints to her work as a landscape architect. It allows her to detach herself from the practical requirements of a project to look for the essence, feelings, emotions and memories of the site. Her aim is to bring elements, shapes, forms, textures into a site breaking the existing order and situation and challenging the viewers perception of the everyday.

In 2016 Marion joined the Dementia Services Development Centre, University of Stirling as an Associative bringing her knowledge on designing outdoor spaces for elderly and people living with dementia. From 2017-21 she was also one of the co-producers of The Architecture Fringe, supporting new work and emerging practice in architecture in Scotland, developing a friendly but critical community of voices to connect, support and challenge each other as well as offering a platform to encourage a wider conversation about architecture and design in Scotland in a contemporary socio-political context.